The sweetheart tree схемы вышивки

The sweetheart tree схемы вышивки

Stitching and Troubled Times

As we all know the world has seen lots of turmoil and change in recent weeks. Right now many of us are experiencing some major «stress» in our lives and it can creep into our day to day life in insidious ways. We, at The Sweetheart Tree, still are practicing social distancing, using curbside pick-up to get our groceries and watching the still too big numbers of the Covid-19 virus across the country and the world. But, as Stitchers we just keep doing what we do, one project at a time – or in some cases working on several things at once. Three’s such satisfaction when a project is completed. When things get too stressful I retire to my stitching place and calm my anxious mind one stitch at a time. Once I pick up my needle & start stitching the problems of our current world seem to recede in a beneficial way.

I hope you are finding the same peace in your stitching — or sewing — or puzzle solving – or gardening — or reading — or whatever it is that takes you to your happy place. In the next few days we will be releasing 8 new designs to keep your stitching fingers busy. Photos are below for you to look at. If you see something you like contact your local shop to see if they have it or give us a call and we’ll find a way to get it to you.

Stay Safe, Be Well, and Stitch Something Wonderful…

Sandie Vanosdall…
The Sweetheart Tree & The Bee Cottage

The sweetheart tree схемы вышивки

The Fuzzy Spider, Halloween Octagon and Sparkling Blue Pin Cushion
The Sweetheart Tree has a trio of new releases that we think are worth mentioning!

  • The Fuzzy Spider is a 50 x 54 stitch count design (3 x 3 on 16/32ct) stitched with DMC floss and garnished with orange crystal paillettes. The spider can be stitched with Rainbow Gallery’s Wisper or Fuzzy Stuff thread — that’s what makes him fuzzy. Chart comes with the crystals, you supply everything else.
  • Halloween Octagon — A cute little black kitty in the pumpkin patch, this is classic Sweetheart Tree! The chart comes with a trio of yellow flower beads as garnishment — you supply everything else. Stitch count is only 44 square, so this is a quick stitch!
  • Sparkling Blue Pin Cushion — A pretty little ‘mattress’ finish, this is the same size as the Kitty Halloween Octagon design, but it looks so much larger! You’re stitching the top — a different design on the bottom — and then all around the sides. The chart comes with pretty crystal blue pailette embellishments — you’ll add a little DMC floss and some Mill Hill beads.

New Arrivals from Sandie

  • Blackwork Needlebook and Fob — This chart continues Sandie’s set of Blackwork smalls. she already has a biscornu, needle roll, sampler, and heart ornament (all which are described on our Sweetheart Tree page.) Not technically ‘Blackwork’ which is usually a Double Running stitch and usually worked with a black color, it is a charming set none-the-less! The front of the needlebook is 76 x 76 in stitch count, and the little fob is only 43. Chart comes with black crystal paillette embellishments!
  • Bees in a Box — This is a fun new shape — a box with a flat bottom and a curved, stuffed top. The alphabet and cute little bees wrap around the sides, but the top part is stitched homeycomb. You get gold metallic paillettes with this chart. to garnish the delightful little 2-inch ‘cube!’ You’ll need a few DMCs and beads from your stash — choose any creme, neutral or light yellow fabric you like!
  • Sparklers in Lavender and Blue — Sandie’s crystals now come in colors, so here are her trademark square designs adorned with sparkles of color. Presented as charts with the 12 paillette embellishments, choose a linen fabric you like. you’ll also need your DMCs and 3 shades of Mill Hill Magnifica Beads for each. Although you can frame these, they really look nice finished into biscornu shapes. With their simple center designs, they give you room for a really pretty tufting button in that center.

A Few New Releases.
Sandie V has been designing for years and years, and is adding a couple of smaller designs to her ongoing collections.
Itty Bitty Kitty — At The Lighthouse
Itty Bitty Kitty always shows up in different places, during all the seasons — this time, she’s at the beach! Presented in a small card format, she finishes about 3 x 3, and features some frosted flower bead embellishments. Stitched on 32ct Lambswool.

Crystal Honey Needlebook, Fob and Biscornu
Here’s a set of smalls — Bees and Blues and Browns! Stitched on 32ct Platinum linen, the needlebook is two-sided. finishing about 3 x 3. Stitch PINS on one side, NEEDLES on the other.
Next, is the matching scissor fob — also 2 sided. The needlebook design on one, and a honeycomb on the other side, it finishes a little under 2 x 2.
Finally the biscornu — again 2-sided. honeycombs and bees all over it! Bee Happy, Bee Sweet, Bee Kind and Bee Good are the words of advice going around the sides.

The color scheme is dusty blue, honey golds and soft browns. and all the pieces features Sandie’s 3mm Montana Blue Crystal Paillettes. (little flat, round crystal sequins that are pronounced ‘pie-yets.’)

Tiny Blackwork Samplers — Welcome and Alphabet
The Sweetheart Tree has a pair of black and white pieces that are almost the same — basically reversed in direction. With stitch counts of 123 x 74. they finish 7-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 32ct. Choose any single hand-dyed color to stitch these. doesn’t matter. but you get about a dozen black glass paillette embellishments, so keep those in mind when choosing colors.

The Alphabet sampler features lettering in the border, the Welcome one says Welcome Friends! Presented as charts with paillette embellishments.

Sparkler in Patriotic Red & Our Flag Does Not Fly..
. A pair of Americana-inspired designs, Sparkler finishes approx 4 inches square and features 13 deep garnet-red glass paillette embellishments. Toss in Algerian Eyelets and Magnifica bead touches. it’s a fairly quick stitch. Presented as chart with paillettes.

Our Flag is a tribute to fallen soldiers. The chart measures 94 x 61 and comes with a few pearl embellishments and three red flower beads.

Itty Bitty Here Fishy Fishy and Blackie & Punkin’
The Sweetheart Tree has a few new designs. her little black Itty Bitty Kitty is always the favorite, so here is Miss *IBK* out in the pumpkin patch and taking a break to fish a little!

Itty Bitty Here Fishy Fishy comes as a small card chart with Sandy’s cute little silver-tone fish bead. Measuring only 35 x 35. you won’t need much DMC for either of these.

Blackie & Punkin’ measures 48 x 48 in stitch count and comes as a half-sized chart, Yellow star flowers and orange glass paillette embellishments are provided. There is an alternate border chart included with this chart — a checkerboard that adds 4 stitches in each direction.
They join several other kitty designs by Sweetheart Tree.

Summer Flowers Biscornu Pin Cushion
Another of Sandie’s charming smalls set, this one is stitched on a pale yellow or cream linen and has yellow and pastel pink roses on it. Embellishments for both are tiny pearls that come with their respective charts, and the biscornu also comes with two pale blue flower beads for the cushion centers.

Stitched on both sides. if you’re short on stitching time. just do one side. they are pretty either way. Cushion finishes approx 3 x 3, fobs are a petite 1-1/2 in size. We have several shop models of Sandie’s smalls like these — they are VERY pretty!

Be As Happy As A Bird With a French Fry
A small design — this measures only 29 x 50 in size. It comes with 5 crystal paillette embellishments. Truthfully, quite expensive, (I personally think).

Sandie is phasing out of kitting her designs and going more towards charts with embellishments only. Prices seem not to reflect the absence of linen and threads. hopefully you have a few bits in your stash that you won’t mind using for this!

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Plum Fancy Pin Cushion
Just a sweet little design, very *Sweetheart Tree-y* in personality! 55 x 55 in size, it finishes approx 3 x 3 on 36ct. (Choose varied counts of Platinum linen.)

Using DMC floss from your stash, the design features 4 Rhodes Heart stitches and a small interior border of Diagonal-Oblique Herringbone. 4 Crystal paillettes and a purple cats-eyeluminescent heart bead embellishment are included.

Quaker Flowers Sampler
This pretty monochromatic piece measures 144 x 119. Choose any fabric you like. Sandie’s featured thread to match the 7 included micro-button embellishments is Weeks Dye Works #1284 — Cadet.

Again, rather than a kit format, this is being introduced as a chart with the 7 small buttons. Honestly, price is too high for this just to add to your stash. So. STITCH IT, and it’ll feel better on your stitching budget!

The Sweetheart Tree has several new releases.
I’m featuring three pin cushions here, because I like them all! Sandie used to offer most of her things in kit format. she is now steering more towards charts with embellishments only — figuring most of us have lots of wonderful materials and threads already in our stash just waiting to be used!

  • Count Your Blessings and Give Thanks is the newest small card offering. It’s the same pumpkin design reversed with two options for wording. Finishing a very petite 2-1/2 inches square, Sandie added a little Lady Dot Ball trim and some coordinating fabric to them to make the cushions a little larger. The card comes with a smattering of her frosted yellow flower beads for the pumpkin vine blossoms, you add the rest.
  • American Eagle is another cushion design measuring only 48 stitches square — so 3 x 3 on 32ct. Stitched with regular DMC floss she’s included the star button, you’ll need to add the few beads, whatever fabric you want and those DMC’s from your stash. Card chart includes the button.
Sweetheart Tree has released!

  • Tiny Shamrock Pin Cushion — A kit to make thie cute little 4 x 4 x 1/2 inch *mini-mattress!* All Sandy’s pretty greens and special stitches to match everything else in her Shamrock collection of patterns.
  • Itty Bitty Kitty & The Honeybees — Another *IB Kitty* design — we have tons of these for all the seasons — this little kitty gets around! Small card format
  • Blackwork Heart — Another small card design to match your biscornu and needleroll in this set. very classic, this one features glistening black crystal paillettes.

  • Lavender Carnation Sampler — The purple carnation is surrounded by an over-one polka dot background. and accented with an over-one alphabet. Might be pretty made into a pin cushion. maybe leave off the border and those letters?? Some options here! Kit
  • Let it Bee — Pretty shading on this little bee. the honeycomb background is simple backstitch but really eyecatching! Kit
  • I’d Rather BEE Stitching — A fun little needle book to fit in the palm of your hand. The stitched spool is Padded Satin! Kit

Patriotic Pin Cushion
The Sweetheart Tree has several new releases — this small cushion is just one, and I thought it was real cute. Choose any fabric count you want — something over two is easier because of the backstitching — and DMC floss from your stash. There is a band across the middle of the heart that is decorated with woven lengths of silver cable thread — but she’s missed that in the thread listing!

Find a pretty silver metallic — lots of different weights will work — and then embellish with the three mini silver star beads that are included with the small chart. Stitch count is only 55 square — so it’ll be petite and festive!

Sunshine Yellow Pincushion
Here’s a pretty little thing. I am partial to yellow, and this is stitched in three shades with 2 more greens and white to accent it. Only 31 x 31 stitches — this is TINY!

The chart comes with a smattering of petite seed beads and a small sterling heart charm that features a tiny yellow citrine crystal in the center. Since this finishes only about 2-inches. it’d make a pretty scissor fob, as well as the cushion as pictured. Presented as the small chart with embellishments.

White Rose Needlebook and Fob
A sweet mono-chromatic piece — this is white on a grayed blue — you can choose any color combination you want to! Make both designs into little cushions or whatever — each measures 20 x 30 or 40 stitches in size.

The small card chart comes with 8 tiny white pearls to embellish which ever piece you work. Very simple and elegant little bitty designs!

Skinny Bee Sampler from The Bee Cottage
Little buzzing bees flying throughout this 3 x 10 sampler.

The complete kit includes the cut of 28ct Lambswool linen, DMC’s of 924 denim, 3045 golds, 644 beige and 815 reds, along with a smattering of petite seed beads and a fun little gold (very fat) bee charm.

Part of The Bee Cottage — ‘a corporate division’ of The Sweetheart Tree!

Lavender Bee Sachet from The Bee Cottage
Stitch this little guy in the middle of his heart vine of lavender. he’s on 32ct Platinum Linen and worked with DMC flosses.

The complete kit contains the linen cut, chart, flosses, petite glass seed beads, crystal paillettes, and the 5 x 6 Organza bag WITH a bag of very fragrant dried lavender buds.

Sweetheart Tree’s New Releases!
The Sweetheart Tree new designs have arrived!

  • In the Pocket of a Butterfly — A small design to offer help with life’s worries! Presented as a complete kit of 32ct Platinum Linen, DMC floss and a pretty sterling butterfly bead, it features Sandie’s trademark scrolling vine artwork! *May all your worries fit in the pocket of a butterfly,* this is just a little 4 x 4 something!
  • Blackwork Needleroll — This companions the biscornu and fobs Sandy has already published. it features black crystal paillette embellishments — very miniature glass sequins — along with petite glass seed beads. If you aren’t a *roll person*. finish this into a square cushion or another biscornu. or needlecase front — lots of options. Same lacy black backstitches as it’s other two companions. Offered as a complete kit.

  • Graduation Sampler — A re-make of the old favorite — a reminder to the Graduate that the tassel really IS worth the hassle. Pretty enough to hang in a professional office, this comes as a chart with sterling charm of the year to commemorate. Sandy suggests school colors in the personalization and lines around that area.
  • Needles & Pins — This is a cute needlebook and matching scissor fob design that is offered in small Teenie Tweenie card format. The main design finishes about 4 x 4, and that bitty fob is just a bit under 2 x 2. Fun Padded Satin stitches for the spools of thread and lots of beads scattered around (as beads always seem to do!), it’s just a real cute set of designs for any stitcher.
  • Blackwork Sampler — The companion to Sandy’s new needle roll and our biscornu and fob, I see the top half of this as a square pin cushion! Stitch it entirely in solid black thread — or choose a pretty soft hand-dyed gray-black for a little depth. The Teenie Tweenie card comes with more of those delicious new crystal black paillette embellishments.
Blackwork Biscornu and Blackwork Fob
Sandie Vanosdal has seven new things that have now arrived. I decided to show her new Biscornu and Fob set here because it is stitched entirely in black thread and embellished with black beads, paillettes, and black flower beads. A different look colorwise for her — these two are very elegant in flavor!

Blackwork Biscornu is presented as a kit of 32ct Platinum Linen with all the embellishments and black floss. Different designs on each of the two sides, the beads add just a touch of sparkle.
The Fob is also stitched on the Platinum Linen, and offered in a small card chart format — with the smaller smattering of embellishments that match the Biscornu. There are instructions included to make that beaded tassel hanging from bottom point as well.

Beach Rules
The Sweetheart Tree has seven new releases — this one is my favorite — so I chose it to show off on *Just Arrived. * Wear sunscreen, go barefoot, count the waves (instead of stitches?), Take a nap (but then you CAN’T stitch!) and make memories — ALL WHILE you stitch at the beach.

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Poor Sandie and me. she’s in Arizona, and I’m in Oklahoma — both of us are just about as far away from the beach as one can get — so this is such a teaser. About 3 x 5-1/2 in size. the small card chart comes with the pearl for the clam and three buttons to adorn the fob, if you finish it that way!

English Garden Rose
Ever-so-soft pastel pinks with a touch of Mountain Meadows Waterlilies silk, this delightful pin-cushioned sized piece is a mere 52 stitches in size. Presented as a kit of 28ct white Cashel linen, this little charmer will finish approx 3-1/2 inches in size and boast a delicate pink frosted glass flower embellishment n the center of the design.

The colors in this are dreamy! (The package looks peach — it is 223, 224 and 225 pink and STUNNING! That glass flower in the center steals the show away from all the special stitches that are everywhere in this little piece.

Quaker Alphabet Squares I & II
This is a pair of designs that delivers the alphabet in two parts surrounding miniature blocks of Quaker-inspired motifs. Stitched on 28ct linen (the cover models are on a light green color), they are stitched with only Weeks Cadet hand-dyed floss.

Garnished with three baby teal buttons, there are a few Mill Hill beads in a teal color in them as well. They measure only 60 x 60 stitches, and if you leave off that alphabet border the inside blocks are only 46 x 46. Presented as small cards with the buttons.

Tiny Periwinkle Floral Sampler
Oh the lavenders in this are just gorgeous. Sweetheart Tree brings us this 2-1/2 x 6 band sampler that features a little pot of Periwinkles. Just about all special stitches, I think you’ll find some crosses in the pot and leaves, but everything else is some other stitch that is full of texture and interest. Remember this is TEENY.

Offered as a complete kit of chart, 28ct Platinum Linen, regular and hand-dyed flosses, glass seed beads and Sweetheart Tree’s pretty frosted flower beads, this actually will be a quick stitch for you!!

Canterbury Rose Sampler
Worked on a warm background of Light Mocha with dusty shades of pink and teal blue *it incorporates a multitude of extradordinarily fun fancy stitches* — all of which are thoroughly explained via diagrams and easily understood written instructions. Sandy suggests a few alterations to transform this into a wedding or anniversary piece as well! She promises that this little baby will hang in your home for years to come as an awesome reminder of your stitching talents. How cool is that?

Offered as the complete kit of design, linen and all the threads and embellishments. she didn’t supply dimensions, but I am guessing this will be approx 6 x 14-ish!

Bumblebee Fob
Oh a new fob design! Sandy used to do a lot of these — we still have shop models that are so cute — I am thrilled that she has a new one! (Look over the older ones. the star one is so cool!) An octagonal shape — stitched on both sides — all of these fobs are charming.

Eyelets in the center of one side, bee and bead embellishments on both, the whole thing finishes less than 2 inches. VERY cute! Presented as a small card chart with embellishments.

What a Stitch!
This is super-fun! Sandy has designed a small sampler — a spot motif thing — mixing special stitches all between alphabet letters. It’ll finish only 4 x 4-ish, but WOW. it’s packed full of little stitched details.

Offered as a complete kit. it’d be neat finished as the front of a needle case. Offered as the complete kit of fabric, chart, threads and embellishments.

Teenie Tiny Halloween I, II, and III
Oh these are cute! And. I’m glad we get all three in the set at one time. Pumpkins, spiders, and cats. each of these is the same size — 3 x 3-ish. (You can choose any fabric you like to work these on — I think these are a 28ct white linen or lugana.)

Stitched with the same colors, they are garnished with rust glass seed beads and frosted yellow ‘pumpkin blossom’ button-beads. Just small and cute. stitch the trio, make ’em into tiny cube stand-ups, stack them and perch on a windowsill! Offered as small cards with the embellishments.

Pinecones in Winter & Lets Get Fancy
Two more fun little two-sided designs — each side is just 38 x 38 stitches each! Lots of special stitches, each side is different.

Small card charts come with the paillette or pearl embellishments — you’ll need Mill Hill petite seed beads for your edgings.

Keep Calm and Freak Out!
Oh what FUN! A take on the English War saying «Keep Calm and Carry On». this is a bit more updated ! 28ct blue on one side and 28ct white on the other — reversed thread colors — I love this. It needs absolutely no more description!

Offered as the Tweenie card design with embellishments.

Bumbler Bees
Complete kit of 28 or 32ct linen this is a darling little hive of business!! The bees are worked over one thread — lots of detail in them. The blue flowers feature soft Satin Stitch petals, and there are tiny beads and pearl embellishments scattered about.

Colors in this are so pretty — honey and teal, and the embellishment is a DARLING three-dimensional golden bee. Finishes approx 3 x 3.

Tiny Plaid Pumpkin
Regular DMC 918, 920 and 922 make up the fun plaid in this plump little guy. Petite seed beads are featured on the blossoms, and the small card design comes with two silvertone pumpkin blossom flower beads.

Approx 2-1/2 inches square — just a cute Halloween piece!

Itty Bitty Kitty — Halloween and Christmas
Your little black kitty gets around these days — here he is out in the Pumpkin Patch.

Offered in small card format charts, each includes an embellishment for its 4 x 4-ish finished piece. Just cute and small to finish any number of ways.

Acorn Medley
Warm and inviting gold tones. these acorns are supposed to bring good luck. according to German tradition! Offered as a Teenie Tweenie Kit of linen, chart, threads and embellishments. you’ve got some cool special stitches in here.

There is a lot of texture to the acorns, caps and leaves! Finishes approx 4 x 4.

Tiny Pink Carnation, Evening Primrose & Spring Fantasy
Sweet designs offered in small card format with the glass flower and bead embellishments included. each features a few special stitches in the 4 x 4 petite design area.
  • Tiny Pink Carnation is worked on Graziano pink and white 28ct gingham linen and features an over-one alphabet border.
  • Evening Primrose is for back-stitch lovers! Not many x’s on there. so the hardest part is just keeping count properly when your needle trails all throughout the design. This one features crystal paillette embellishments.
  • Spring Fantasy is accented against a smoky blue background. The central border is stitched in Diamond Eyes. it — by itself — would make an awesome tiny fob! Each Teenie Tweenie Card is offered separately with its necessary embellishment.

    A Day at the Beach
    For your castle-at-the-beach (if you are so lucky to have one!) comes this charming little piece! Sweetheart Tree’s border of rolling waves is full of seashells and oysters with pearls. Sandy does have a darling seaside sampler and tiny matching scissor fob that we have had for quite some time. this companions those two pieces.

    Stitched on 28ct Confederate Gray Cashel Linen, the complete kit to stitch your octagonal 5 x 5-ish piece has all your threads and embellishments as well. Pretty aqua-blues and sandy-golds.

    M’Lady’s Quadrielle
    The Sweetheart Tree has lots of new releases. this 4-sided ornament is just one. A new shape for Sandy. a hanging ‘cube’ this is delightfully fun to look at from every direction! Technically, one could say it has 12 sides. 4 on the top, middle and bottom! Offered as a complete kit, this is worked on Light Mocha Linen in rose, blue and olives. There are specialty stitches scattered about, along with spectacular couched coils of silver Japanese thread, crystal paillettes, Magnifica beads and pearl embellishments.

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    Finishing approx 3 x 3 x 4, every side sparkles with your lovely stitches of the metallics, silks and beads. Irish Quadrielle is another design finished like this one. Celtic and Green!
    Sold as a chartpak. Your stash supplies any festive ribbons to garnish the bottom of your finished Quadirelle!

    You Hold The Key To My Heart
    A sweet sentiment in a petite 3 x 3 stitched area. the key embellishment is especially fillagreed and delicate. Accented with a few crystal Paillette glass sequins, you can finish this one suing the curved finishing boards as in the pic, or make a small wedding announcement pillow — just whatever!

    Offered as a small card with key and sequins.

    Teenie Butterfly Welcome
    A sweet piece, this is stitched on 28ct Light Mocha Linen in shades of DMC flosses of 316, 3033, 3051, 3052, 3726, and 3768. Scattered about are silver and silver-pink Magnifica beads, and a dozen or so Crystal Paillette (pronounced pie-yet with the emphasis on the yet part!) glass sequins. The vine is regular Cross Stitch, the Welcome part is worked over one thread, and the butterfly in the center is a Rhodes Butterfly of 15 straight stitches.

    Finishes a mere 2-1/2 x 3-1/2, offered as the complete kit of chart, flosses beads and crystals and needles.

    Teeny Hardanger IV & V
    This is a pair of small card designs specifically aimed at teaching you a small bit of Hardanger Embroidery — in a *finishable format!* The Basics in the center, with bits of beads and tiny flowers gracing the edges, they only work up to be 3 x 3.

    Offered in card format with embellishments — you can work these on 28ct Platinum Cashel Linen or try some 28 Lugana. Both are great options — but the Lugana is generally the easier one to see.

    Halloween Quadrielle
    Sweetheart Tree’s 3rd stitched cube, this little charmer features 4 different Halloween-y scenes — something not-so-scary on each side! Stitched on 28ct Lambswool Linen in Autumn shades of DMC floss, all are garnished with a generous smattering of Mill Hill petite beads and Sandy’s awesome jet-black glass Paillette ‘sequins.’

    Offered as a complete kit of charts, linen, flosses and embellishments — you will need some fun ribbons to tie that lavish underneath bow — but with all the fun ribbons available these days, it might be a harder task than you can imagine! Our first Quadrielle, M’Lady’s is really pretty as a shop model, so we expect this one to be, too. They finish approx 4 x 4 x 4 in size.

    Irish Quadrielle
    A companion design to M’Lady’s, this is another curious 4-sided hanging ornament decorated with your stitching on all sides. Petite 3 x 3 samplers on each side, stitched in crisp greens and whites, lots of specialty stitches and glisteny beads everywhere, this is offered as a complete kit of all the threads, embellishments, charts and assembly instructions you need.

    The bow at the bottom is not included. that just gives you an excuse to find some elegant ribbons as your garnish!

    Nantucket Rose
    Nantucket Rose is stitched on the really neat 32ct Natural Opalescent , and it features lots of sparkly crystal paillette embellishments.

    Similiar in color to Sandy’s Potpourri Heart, this one features that same pretty fabric, and the sparkling sequin embellishments. Lots of special stithces in both of these, they are offered as small cards with embellishment pack. You supply the bit of fabric and DMC flosses from your stash.

    The Biscornu Set
    What a fun collection of pin cushion designs. Finished into little *strange pointy thingies* that look terribly hard to assemble, the biscornu shape has been around for quite some time. but now gaining in popularity. Sandie has 6 designs in her set of biscornu designs so far. and each matches a tiny scissor fob that she has already released! Offered as complete kits, each 3 x 3-ish cushion kit contains the charts — they are stitched on both sides — flosses, necessary embellishments, needles and assembly instructions.

    We’ve begun an auto-ship on these, as we know there will be more in the set. So. pick and choose your favorites from the collection thus far, and join the auto for the rest!

    Berries & Shortcake Scissor Fob
    This is a sweet set of smalls. companions to lots of others Sandy has designed. a very lacy fob. each is stitched differently on both sides! The biscornu is offered in complete kit format, the fob is simply the small card with pearl embellishments.

    ALL of these designs in this series are charming. Each is stuffed full of special stitches in their tiny area, so they’re really kind of fun to stitch. Lots to do in a small area that is FINISHABLE and FUNCTIONAL! Love ’em! All the rest are scattered throughout our Sweetheart Tree pages. it’s fun to see them all.

    Spider Web Rose Alphabet
    Just a small chart card, offered with the Cabochon glass heart embellishment, along with lots of little crystal sequin paillettes. It is a profusion of rose branches. all highlighting the Spider Web stitches that make up those charming roses!

    Finishes approx 3 x 4, a pretty wisp of a thing.

    Shells by the Seashore
    This is a sweet piece that is a small companion to the Seashore Fob from a few years ago, and the By The Sea Sampler! Same swirly waves, little shells and swimming fish. pretty aqua-blue water and golden sand, there are little crabs running all around the border, as well.

    Too cute! Offered as the Teenie Tweenie Card with embellishment, this finishes approx 4 x 4.

    Oh, is this cute. The Sweetheart Tree brings us this neat little piece. we’re going to finish our shop model into one of Mona’s boxes. with pockets on the sides to hold scissors and such. Friendship is offered in a complete kit of 28ct Lambswool Linen, and includes a scissor charm, teeny-weeny buttons and beads, DMC flosses, and Weeks hand-dyed floss for the wording.

    Friendship is the thread that binds two hearts together . the spools of thread are satin stitched. everything is done with dusty, soft, antique-y colors. you’ll absolutely LOVE this! Finishes approx 4 x 3-12. (You could even stitch this for your sewing room. and change the wording to say ‘Lindy’s Sewing Room!’ or you could make it for the top of a stitching box. lots of things!)

    Blackberry, Chili Pepper and Catnip Kitty Fobs
    The final three tiny scissor fob patterns. scroll down this page to see the rest of the set. each of these is presented in a small card format, with necessary embellishments.
    Blackberry is stitched on 28ct creme/natural gingham linen, and features lots of blackberry beads in the berry cluster and beaded edge treatment of the fob.
    Chili Pepper features a fun little enameled chili pepper charm — what that has to do with scissors, I don’t know. but it’s cute anyhow!
    Catnip Kitty is definitely for cat-lovers, and features a marble-bead that is a cat head. Quite substantial, the marble-bead is actually the tassel decoration — kind of cool! When these are finished. yours will be the best-dressed scissors in town! (Consider them as Christmas Tree ornaments, as well!)

    Miniature Scissor Fobs
    The next Sweetheart Tree Scissor fob designs are here. This little patriotic star is my ABSOLUTE favorite so far of the entire set. the whole thing is less than two inches from tip to tip. Each fob is different on both it’s sides, is offered in a small card format with most of the necessary embellishments. you just add some Mill Hill beads on the edging. Cute designs, a special stitch or two. Sandy was going to release two of these at a time, for a total of 8 fobs. but she’s changed her mind! (Way Cool!)

    These are just the neatest things when they’re done. we have several shop models in the front case. and I can tell you that one of the next ones is an octagonal seashell/nautical design!

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